Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Denim and Plaid quilt

 This is a quilt Vicki made for a Christmas gift for her father, with fabrics from her mother's stash.  The denims (clothing) and flannel (shirts and sheets) were all in a bin together.  Vicki's Mom had planned on rag quilts but Vicki chose to piece a top instead.  Much easier on the hands, than cutting the fringe on a rag quilt!
 The quilt has amazing texture, not from the quilting but from the fabrics.  The denims have different feels to them, some of them feel velvety.  (can you tell I spent some time petting the quilt as I quilted?)

 The perma-pressed pleats in a few pieces made me think of stirrup jeans!  And I'm sure my brother had sheets just like those borders.    Oh, and now I want a flannel shirt again too.  This quilt held memories for me, without any direct connection to the clothing at all.

We chose a meander, as I was a little worried about how the Innova would handle some of the thick seams on the jeans.  I slowed down a little going over the jeans seams (say it out loud, its fun), but had no problems at all.
And a cozy black minkee on the back.  A great man's quilt!

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