Thursday, 20 February 2014

Tea Time in Bali #6-Ethel's Brown Sugar

Ethel's Tea Time in Bali uses the Brown Sugar balipop.  Aren't the colors wonderful?

and an unquilted photo

I knew as soon as I saw this top that I was going to use Glide Aquamarine thread on it, then the next question was what to quilt.

I took inspiration from the florals in the fabrics of the quilt and in the borders...and quilted a variety of freehand flowers

 I love the borders on this quilt.  When I see the triple border, I often ask if Kim at Along Came Quilting helped with the border selection...the answer is usually yes :)  Kim does such a great job of pulling fabrics, and she loves borders.  Three borders is a lot of work, but it looks so great.


  1. I agree colors are beautiful. Love the variety in your quilting motifs. Nicely done.

  2. Love your quilting designs on this and what a great choice of thread colour. Well done.

  3. The entire quilt looks great. I love that you used a lot of different flowers instead of a bunch of ones all the same.

  4. Awesome job Michelle. You know I love freehand flowers and yours are amazing - what a wonderful variety - very very cool.

  5. those colors! Great quilting as usual!