Saturday, 1 March 2014

Yellow Brick Roads

Here's two more Yellow Brick Roads for the church.  This first one is in lovely rich colors.  The border has directional triangles on it, and the border was pieced such that the triangles circle around the quilt.

I wanted to reflect those triangles in the quilting, so the border has directional triangles.

 And the center has a free-flowing fern meander.

 The 2nd quilt got freeflowing echoed flowers

 Its a very bright and cheerful quilt.  I took the inspiration for quilting from the borders for this quilt as well.

When I can, I like to quilt two of these quilts at 50" wide, they fit perfectly on a 108" piece of backing, and one one piece of can see in the next few photos how I quilt one, and then line up the 2nd quilt 1/2" below and continue. 

It's easy to see the transition from triangles to flowers on the backing...
 and in the photo below in the top right corner you can see a slight white gap, and then the borders of the triangle quilt


  1. Gorgeous, Michelle! You do such beautiful work!! I am following you on Bloglovin now, your fault for getting me into that!

  2. They both look great. I love how you used the directional triangle in the border.