Monday, 19 May 2014

Modern Maze #2

I had the chance to quilt up two of my own quilts in the past few months.  The first was made for someone special and given away.

The pattern is Fat Quarter Frolic, however I called mine Fat Quarter Frenzy, because I was in such a 'frenzy'  cutting the fabric before going to retreat last fall that I made errors, and had to add in new fabrics. 

 Most of the fabrics came from a FQ pack I bought when we were on a family vacation in Oregon a few summers ago.  And the rest came from my stash and scrap bin.
 The colors are so bright and cheery.  The recipient of the quilt is a teen, so I went with a very modern pantograph (plus, I wanted to use this pantograph).

 The minkee backing is so soft and plush, and shows the quilting so wonderfully.

You can see other variations on this same quilt Patty's here made with Ty Pennington fabrics and Marilyn's--I forget the name of the fabric collection she used.

And, since I've been teaching classes, I've discovered I don't have a quilt in my house that has been pantographed, to take along for show and tell, and I since I loved how this pantograph stitched up and looks, I used the same design on this next quilt, which I will keep, for now.

 This quilt was made from an Indigo Sushi-roll (which is a small jelly roll), and a turquoise batik.  It was very hard to match those indigos to anything, so I was quite pleased when I found this quilt pattern, which was a bali-pop tutorial at 2nd Avenue Studio.
 Nancy's version of this quilt can be seen here, she used an alternate block setting and changed up that wider rectangle.
 I used a navy minkee on this one. 

I recently saw Krista Wither's Modern Maze #1 stitched out as well, and its also yummy.  Not your Grandma's pantograph, that's for sure ;)

And now I have a sample for when I teach my next class, which is scheduled for June 7.  If you want in, give Lucie a call at Chinook Fabrics


  1. Really like that panto, Michelle - it doesn't even look like a panto - nice job and love how the minkee backing shows the quilting! Great job!

  2. Looks great! I'm not a longarmer so I don't usually have much to say about pantos, but I like how this one looks a lot like a free hand design with its variety of designs! Looks like when free handing all over and I decide ok, time to do something different!

  3. Oh, I like that panto, stitched out wonderfully! Carole @ From My Carolina Home

  4. Those are both bold and beautiful quilts!

  5. That is a fantastic panto Michelle, I really like it! I had to really examine the quilting to see if it indeed was one or not! (until I saw your last photo of the actual panto LOL

  6. That is a fantastic compliment to the quilt!! Great job!