Friday, 9 May 2014

Busy Busy

About 2 months ago, I was chatting with another longarm quilter, and she said she was about a year behind on her the time I was surprised, but here I am two months later....two months behind...

Today I'll tell you about  two of the very fun things that have been keeping me busy, in addition to family life and my main volunteer 'job' as treasurer of Symons Valley United Church, which is always very busy at the beginning of the year as year end books are done, and, of course, quilting.

The first is teaching Introduction to Longarm Quilting on an Innova at Chinook Fabrics in High River.

I've had a lot of fun teaching this class, if I'm remembering correctly, it's run 4 or 5 times since January, mind you, I've only remembered to take photos once.  It's a busy day :) 

Lucie has 3 machines set 18"
 The 26" with Lightening Stitch
 and a 22" with lightening stitch
The stitching is looking good Ladies.

 and here's a photo of Lucie

Lucie says several of the ladies who have taken the class have been back in to rent machines already.   The staff at Chinook Fabrics are all so nice.  Be sure to stop in if you're in High River.
The next class is scheduled for June 7, if you're interested in learning the basics of using an Innova longarm.

The 2nd very fun thing I was lucky enough to do was attend a 2 day workshop with Judi Madsen  at Sparrow Studioz.  I have really admired Judi's work for a very long time, and hadn't been able to sign up for the first week of workshops, however, when Matt Sparrow was able to convince Judi to stay and run a 3rd workshop...the stars aligned and I was able to go.  I had fun with Bev and a whole bunch of quilters I didn't know before. 

These are all photos of Judi's samples/quilts she brought...

Lots of inspiration...and a fun time. 


  1. Oh so jealous here that you were able to take classes with Judy. That is on my bucket list and I hope that some day the stars align and I can do it too.

  2. Jealous of your opportunities to take classes! Glad it was great. You look like you have very happy students too!