Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Web slinging

Heather made this quilt for her sons 4th birthday, to go with his newly redecorated superhero room. 

Some before photos:

Fun fabrics, and Heather chose a fun thread (bright green)....so what to quilt????

Webs, webs and more webs.

 Heather found this really nice wide back flannel at Fabricland...it didn't even shrink the expected 10% flannel shrink when washed, and a wide back often shrinks more. 
 I was really pleased with the extra diagonal lines created by the webs...adds a new pattern.

There are a lot of superheros in this 80x100 quilt, and I didn't take a photo of it, but somewhere on that quilt I quilted in a very tired spider.

The 4 year old who sleeps under this quilt told his friends "his super powers quilt pushes the bad dreams away and gives you hugs while you sleep".  Aww... I was thinking of the webs as dream catchers, and told him how that might work, but wasn't sure if he got it...he did.


  1. What a great quilt for a boy! Love the diagonal secondary pattern from those webs- cool!

  2. Really fabulous and I love the thoughts behind all those superpowers and the webs.

  3. Those webs look wonderful! I love his little quote at the bottom of your post. Nice quilting!