Wednesday, 6 April 2016


This quilt belongs to Charlotte.

She made sure the cats were all facing the same way---so I hope I photographed it that way....if the cats are upside down it is my error, not hers.

 nope, I got the cats upside down.  oops.
Charlotte knew that she wanted E's and 3's for the quilting.  I love this design, so elegant.
I knew exactly which thread I wanted to use in this quilt, but had a hard time finding it when the time came....then remembered I had taken a selection of threads to show a class I was teaching, and sure enough, it was in the class bag (that I hadn't unpacked yet).  A grey Omni is what I used.

 Those poor cats are still standing on their heads.  I'm sure Charlotte has taken better care of them than I did.

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