Saturday, 2 April 2016

Stained Glass--Magic Tiles

This is a special quilt made by the Symons Valley United Church quilting ministry, for our former minister Sarah, to celebrate her time with the congregation.

 The pattern is Kathleen Bissett's Magic Tiles
 I love how these fabrics just glow, making this quilt look like stained glass.  These are Sarah's colours.  She is also a quilter, and the quilts she make usually have bright and beautiful fabrics in them. 
I chose this E's and 3's pattern because 1) the quilt only needed texture from the quilting and 2) it's the same pattern I used for her sons quilt, and I thought she might like the parallels there.
 The backing is very plain--we set the quilt out on two Sundays, along with some markers, and the congregation got to sign the back with their thoughts and best wishes.

Such a fun quilt! 

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