Sunday, 10 April 2016

Quilted Bags

Our quilting group at the church recently had a quilting workshop, and Colleen taught those who were interested how to make a quilted bag.  Other quilters worked on whatever project they wished.  It was a fabulous day of quilting and visiting.

The outsides of the bag were made with pieced strips, in a quilt as you go fashion.

Here's a progress shot of some of the work done that day, by the ladies participating.

 I was busy that day, assisting with other quilters and facilitating lunch (which was very very good--I just set the table, other quilters made the food), so didn't make a bag then. 

I made my bag later. I had the parts of 2 blocks left over from making Lug Nuts, the pattern suggests you can piece them into the backing, but I had a wide back and wasn't needing to piece it at all, so I still had the blocks, and thought to use them in this bag.   I finished piecing the blocks in a quilt as you go fashion, and framed them out to make the hexagons rectangular, again in a quilt as you go fashion.  Between the fusible fleece and the seams sewn, there was enough stitching to hold everything in place--but where's the fun in that for a quilter? and so I loaded the panels on my longarm and quilted them.

and then I assembled my bag.  It was a bit of a challenge (to myself) to use only scraps from my Lug Nuts quilt, and I used scraps from another project as my bag lining.  Consequently, the pockets are pieced, and the straps are pieced, but I succeeded in only using my own scraps. (Colleen had offered some of hers, but there was no challenge in using those :P )

  I think the sides turned out looking alright, because I had the matching fabric to the opposite hexagon to square off the hexies....I feel like that sentence doesn't make any sense, but hopefully you get my meaning.


  1. Love the bag! Lori keeps saying we should make a bag using that block! Nice to see someone finally doing one.

  2. Your bag is awesome Michelle. I have been dreaming of a Lug Nuts style bag- you beat me to it! I'm sure you will get lot so f compliments everytime it leaves the house- it is beautiful.