Thursday, 5 April 2018

Noreen's Shadow quilt

Noreen almost always gives me the names of the patterns, so I'm sure she did, and I just didn't write it down properly, because all I have is Shadow quilt.    This is another lovely quilt for showcasing great fabrics.

 doh....the photo came in upside down.  Oh well, it's a neat way to see how the shadow effect is created, and you can still see these great fabrics up close.

 I guess I quilted it upside down too :)  I stitched a modern greek key to match the linear aspect of the quilt.  I remember being told a quilt with all straight lines in piecing needs some curving quilting, but I've moved on from that concept.

 Love how the blocks just seem to float (when you get the photo orientation right LOL)

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