Saturday, 7 April 2018

Sunny Irish Chain

 This is the Double Irish Chain, oversized king (108x108) that Yvonne made for her Son and new DIL for their wedding.  They picked the Irish Chain pattern as that's what Yvonne had made for an anniversary quilt for her and her DH.   Her new DIL said that she liked blue, grey and yellow, so that's what Yvonne had in mind when she picked fabrics. 
 Yvonne is a hand quilter, and was originally going to have me do most of the quilting and leave the grey borders for her to hand quilt, but she decided she'd like them to have their quilt before their 20th I quilted the whole thing.

 My bed is a king and this quilt still comes down and hits the floor.  It will be lovely and cosy and lots of room for a pillow tuck and no-one has to worry about not having enough quilt to cover them.
 The batting is a cotton/wool blend, so lovely texture for the quilting and I'm sure it will be fabulous to sleep under as well.

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