Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Reel Time

 This is the second quilt Vicki has made with her stash of Reel Time fabrics.  I cannot find the first one on the blog, so maybe I never blogged it, since it was a gift and I delayed--maybe forever LOL. 
 anyway, the point being Vicki had these wonderful fabrics left from her making of the first quilt, and she made this quilt, which was a wonderful way to showcase these great fabrics.

I wanted to add movement and not compete with the fabrics, so I quilted echoed swirls with a soft grey thread, probably Omni silver.

 a black minkee backing, it's so hard to photograph nicely but it sure feels warm and cuddly.
I went looking for pictures of the first Reel Time quilt, and couldn't find any---maybe it was a quilt that got away unphotographed.  So, you'll just have to imagine another awesome quilt with these interesting fabrics.

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