Sunday, 28 June 2020

Quarter Sections in Hundred Acre Wood

I made these two baby quilt with Winnie the Pooh fabric I ordered online from The Sugar Pine during the quarantine.  My DH helped pick the fabrics--the quilts are a gift for babies of a friend of his, so he got to pick (from limited options I gave him).   I used the Quarter Sections pattern, which is a great Fat Quarter pattern and appropriate for a farm family. 

The quilts are same but different--perfect for twins.   Some of the same fabrics in each quilt, some unique fabrics.   Two different quilting designs.     

And sometimes I get whimsical--this first one has crop circles

And the second one has blowing prairie winds....

And this very soft lamb cuddle minkee on the back....also appropriate for a farm family.   The cuddle is from Maple Leaf Quilting

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