Monday, 11 June 2012

Ann's Music Quilt aka Tessellations part 3

This quilt has been gifted now, so I can show you the front.  This is a disappearing-9 patch, same pattern and block size as the Flower Garden quilt, but a different layout.  We added an extra row and column of the rectangles and small squares to finish off the pattern.

This quilt was made as a thank-you gift for Ann, who is the retiring choir director at church.  Ann was choir director for 15 years.  Actually, the first time I attended this church, 9 years ago,  the choir director was retiring (yes, there WAS a quilt to sign) and Ann was taking over (she did her 15 years in 2 stints), so having a different choir director will be a whole new experience for me (but I don't think it will make me sing any better--I'll stick to quilting--your ears will be safer, LOL).  

So...the borders needed piano keys.

Batik is our usual fabric choice for church quilts, and most quilts made and given at the church have fabrics within them that are also in the quilted banners hanging in the sanctuary.  These fabrics are music themed and not batiks, and so we achieved the tie-in to the banners in the layout of the quilt.

These are some of the warmest music fabrics I've seen, not the usual black and stark white which is a cool combination.

I still love the tessellations.

 The congregation of the church got to sign the back of the quilt with their well-wishes.

And here's a picture of half of the banners, so you can see the layout similarities.



  1. Where can I find the pattern for Anna's Music Quilt? It's just beautiful!

    1. LIbby, it's a Disappearing 9-patch, I'm sure if you google that you'll find a tutorial somewhere, but in case you don't, make a 9 patch (in this case we had the white music fabrics in the outside corners, and a more 'goldy' center for every block. And then slice the 9 patch horizontally and vertically in 1/2, rearrange the bits as you like. This one started with 5" squares.

  2. Thank you, Michelle for your reply. I have another question, if I may. Would you mind sharing the name of the fabric that has the instruments on what background is? Thanks. ~Libby

    1. Sorry Libby, I don't know what brand of fabric we used.