Tuesday, 12 June 2012

In the Mail...

Willow Leaf Studio  (so nice to have a Canadian supplier) was having a sale last week, so I got some new templates and, since I was paying for shipping anyway, some new pantos as well.  I love that Mini-curve ruler that looks like a bird! The quilt I'm loading today is ruler intensive, so it will be good to have a few new rulers.  The straight line ruler I had only had parallel markings on it, and no angle markings.  That L shaped ruler will be good for lots of things, and keeping my lines square!  The bumpy looking ruler makes clamshells.  I just got a little 24" square top that I will try some clamshells on, but that will have to wait until later.

And, I've got some church quilts to try out those panto's on.  I wanted some pantographs that weren't as feminine feeling.

Fun Fun!

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