Friday, 8 June 2012


Todays post features one of Colleen's quilts, that was finished in April, but needed to wait until after it was gifted to be 'revealed'.   The pattern is called Transitions, and looks like this:
It's a Jelly-Roll quilt (made with 2 1/2" strips)
Colleen's daughter saw this quilt that we had made (quilted on my shortarm), and wanted her grad quilt to be like this.

So Colleen made her one (only larger), and had the blocks all laid out, and her daughter started to play, and came up with this

She created these wonderful squares in the light blocks.  So, I wanted to emphasize those squares with the quilting, and we decided to treat all the blocks (light or dark) and setting triangles that weren't part of that central 'medallion' the same.   Arynn didn't want any flowers or feathers, and it's to be her bed quilt, so we wanted the quilting to be fairly loose, to leave the quilt very cozy. 

 The square to be highlighted were SID'd and then a motif in the centre...I don't think I got a photo of the corner blocks, which had one or two of the curls headed in their own direction, as Arynn has never been one to follow the crowd :)

 Dream wool batting has such beautiful loft.

 One of the wonderful things about this quilt is the backing.  Arynn spent some time in Malaysia last summer, and she brought back this central piece of fabric.
 Isn't that fabric wonderful?

 The 'sashings' had squiggly stars, slightly more dense quilting to make those squares pop!
 The quilt was so large, I had to stand in the garage to get a picture of (almost) all of it.

Congratulations on your graduation Arynn, and I wish you well at University and beyond!

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