Thursday, 14 June 2012

Whale Tail

This wonderful quilt is Lori's. 

If I recall correctly, (it was many months ago she gave this quilt into my care, Lori has been very patient with me) she bought the fabrics on a trip to Alaska.  Lori said the pattern calls for some crystals to be added, but she most likely won't add them.  

I love all the curved shapes in this quilt.  The flowing bands of color in the body of the quilt are meant to represent the Northern Lights, so I used quilting designs with lots of motion in them.
It's very hard to see, but I increased the scale of the quilting as the bands got lower on the quilt--again, looking for movement.

 And my favourite photo....

I quilted some squashed spirals, meant to represent some breezes, around the moon, I thought the squashed spirals were a little more 'galaxy' shaped and thus good for the sky.

This next photo is pretty good too...


  1. Wow Michelle - that is stunning! I love your choice of designs - absolutely perfect for this quilt. I'm sure Lori will be "ove the moon"!

  2. Wow your circular quilting of the front and back together are amazing and I cannot imagine the time involved. Love it!
    Your whales tale pattern is gorgeous. I want to make oven mitts with a whales tale on it for my sister in Costa Rica.
    This will give me a great idea for the whales tail as they live over looking the rock formation in the ocean named this.