Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Deborah's Hopscotch

This is Deborah's second quilt.  The first quilt she quilted herself, and for her second quilt, her friend/quilting mentor recommended getting it longarm quilted, so she could experience both.

This quilt was square and flat, which isn't always an easy feat with pieced borders.  Very well done for a beginner.

Deborah chose the Square Spiral pantograph, and a turquoise thread.  I was pleased to have a chance to stitch out a new pantograph.  I've seen and liked this pantograph on other quilters photos, so it was nice to know I love it in person too :)

 These fabrics are just so bright and cheery.  This quilt makes me smile.


  1. What a fun quilt. I have often admired that panto too!

  2. The panto looks really good on the Hopscotch quilt and it's a fun one to quilt.