Sunday, 19 May 2013


 Edited to add more photos :)

Terri was inspired by the sermon at Symons Valley United Church at Pentecost last year.

A little background...Pentecost occurs 50 days after Easter, and is when the Holy Spirit came upon the 11 disciples and others with them, 10 days after the Ascension of Christ.  It is when the Christian church is said to have been started, and is often symbolized with fire and doves.  Red is the color of the day.

So, Terri was inspired and created this quilt, which she then let me play with.

Correct my math if I'm wrong Terri--there are 5,525 3/4" squares in this quilt.  Terri had a lot of fun designing with her graph paper, that's for sure.

I added a Dove, flames and got to play with Metallic thread too!

Looking forward to seeing this hung in church this morning.

Hmm...I 'll take my camera today and try and get some better photos.


  1. That is beautiful. Your design choices really enhance the theme. Love the metallic thread too!

  2. Michelle, thanks for sharing this with me. Great inspiration both with the design and your quilting. I really like the continuous line dove.