Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Gail's Batiki Argyle

My Batiki Argyle in the previous post was finished in January...I'm way behind on my blogging.  But, I thought I'd skip ahead and post this one, because I like seeing how different the same quilt can be, with different fabric choice and quilting. 

Gail saw the quilt I was making, and decided to make one as well.  She used 2 charm packs, and a few extra pieces from her scraps, and few of mine as well.  It was so much fun quilting it and spotting some of my stash in there.

Gail usually quilts her own on her domestic sewing machine, doing lovely jobs with them, but felt this one was a little larger than she wanted to tackle on her own. 

This was Gail's first pieced border, and she obviously followed Debbie Bailey's  pattern to a T, as her pieced border fit perfectly on the first try.  It was large enough at that point, so Gail didn't add an extra border.

Design wise, because of the pieced border, we decided to highlight that with some line dancing/continuous curves in the border, and a curvy all-over pattern in the center to counter the straight lines in the piecing.

To give an idea of part of my design process, here's one of the samples I sent Gail to choose from for specific designs, and the one she chose.  (I had two designs I liked equally so I made her choose). 

  Magnifico gold thread and wool batting.

 Gail bought a beautiful Stonehenge wide backing.  It shows the quilting off so nicely.
 One of the things I really love about my Innova is that, on vertical and horizontal planes, I can SID (Stitch In the Ditch) without using a ruler...which makes it more economical for my client.
 Isn't it yummy?

Gail usually gives away her quilts to family and friends, but I think she's keeping this one for herself.

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  1. I am so excited to see your quilting! What a fun surprise while drinking my coffee and checking on the world of blogging! Love it.