Friday, 13 June 2014

100 Modern Quilt Blocks-Month 5 and a few piecing tricks I use

half way done! 

And only 2 months behind :)

and this month almost had no critters in it...and then I spotted the bird in that sea shells fabric

I have been doing some other piecing as well, a quilt that requires a lot of connector corners and half-square triangles, but I find that when I draw the line down the center of the square, either to stitch on it or to stitch 1/4" away from it...I'm not very accurate at drawing that line.  I'm OK with one or two, but when there's 100...I pull out my painters tape and stick the tape down the needle line.  Then, with the point of the square (or rectangle as the case may be) aligned with the tape, I can sew away, without having to draw lines in the wrong places :)

And if the seams need to be pressed open ( some patterns recommend this--and I found when piecing the Hunter Star that it really helps)...a rounded stick makes a huge difference

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