Monday, 23 June 2014

Heritage Park Quilt Show--Calgary Longarm Quilters

We are blessed with a very neat quilt show here in Calgary, at Heritage Park, our outdoor museum.  They display (no judging) a lot of quilts--last month somewhere between 600-800 all over the park, in the buildings, on the buildings, on tripods on the lawns, under tents...quilts everywhere.

There are great vendor tents as well.

The Calgary Longarm Quilters decided to enter a group entry this year, 14 longarm quilters decided to take part.  There were 16 quilts completed that were all 64x80, using the Avignon Picnic pattern (we extended the pattern by one row).  Fabrics and quilting of each longarmers choice. 

It was really neat to see them all together, and how different the same pattern could be.

 The were under a tent, and had lots of little bugs on them...I was told they were little dragonflies, although I didn't examine them too closely :)

 This is Joanne Middleton's Hawaiian Picnic
Above is  Lorraine Appleby's Tequila Sunrise

And below Colleen Hunter's Taylor's Quilt.  The Calgary in the name of our group is not too strict...Colleen lives about 1 1/2 hrs north of Calgary.

Below is  Janet Madeyski's quilt, I didn't get the name of it.  I like looking at it, because she used some of the designs I had considered and drew out for my son to choose from, so now I can see how they also look great.

Carol Weland's Courage and Character.  A lovely edge to edge design.

 Janet Madeyski had two quilts displayed...I liked seeing Rainbow Chains also, because I had considered a  multicoloured but controlled quilt as well.  I had also considered quilting the chains with just straight lines...I think Janet and I must have similar tastes. 

And those black dots you can see on Janet's and Jo's quilts are the little bugs I was talking about earlier.

 And Jo Glasswick turned her quilt so her chains ran vertically, which was something I only thought of after my quilt was made.  She quilted wonderful feathers.

The next quilt is Nancy Basserman's Hodgepodge.  Nancy said she had a lot of fun quilting this one, and it shows.  She quilted so many different things on this quilt.

Chris Tessier's A Walk Around the Block

Donna Leuw's Black and White and Red. I love this colour combination. It's hard to tell in the photo, Donna used an edge to edge graphic design.
 Bev Rinehart's Picnic Critters.   I had thought she had posted pictures on her blog, but I cannot find them today...she's got dragonflies and such scattered throughout her quilt.  I'm hoping she does put up some closeups on her blog (Hint Hint Bev)

Andrea Harris's Avignon Picnic.  Andrea is the original pattern designer.  It was nice to use a Calgary designer's quilt pattern.  Andrea had a lot of fun quilting this one too, lots of designs, and she left the colored blocks unquilted, just stitching in the ditch around them.   Andrea has more pictures on her Urban Quiltworks blog and more pictures of the Heritage Park display as well here

 And I have a picture of Andrea's, Bev's and my quilt together...

Charmaine Walker's A Touch of Gold.  Swirls, pebbles, diamonds and a leafy vine!

Jane Goddard's Love is in the Air.  Jane used a pantograph called Modern Maze #1.  It looks great on this quilt!
 Joanne Middleton also had two quits displayed in this group entry (she had many more around the park as well).  This one has marvelous flowers all over it, and then some fills between the flowers.  Yummy texture on this one.

 And Mine, which you may have already seen on my blog...if you missed it, the post is  Picnic in the Rockies


  1. Gosh - those are all great!! Thanks for sharing them all

  2. Wow. I love them all and now I want to make one too.