Thursday, 12 June 2014

Rail Fence

This rail fence quilt belongs to a(n unnamed because I'm not sure it's been gifted yet) client who made this for her granddaughter.

I remembered to take a before shot this time, well, kind of, it was as I was loading the quilt

 And the quilting is some fancy line dancing.  I wanted to emphasize the square blocks.

 I really like how the quilt looks woven in the photo below.  I see that more in the finished product that in the unquilted photo, but that might just be my eyes. 

 And the backing was fireside fleece, so cozy, and it shows the quilting nicely.
 One of the things I really like about line dancing is the secondary pattern that forms, the photo above I see the square blocks, but the photo below, I see the spinning shape formed by the intersection of the blocks.

Thanks for looking!

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