Tuesday, 17 June 2014


This quilt pattern is called Simplicity and it's a strip tube pattern, using 2 1/2" strips.  This is a quilt we made for our church.

The pattern goes together nicely, my friend and I got all the blocks made in less than a day, she sewed while I cut and pressed. 

When harvesting, my family (well, I'm pretty sure it was my one Uncle who came up with this) had the saying  "Keep your TITS Up"  which meant keep your Time In The Swath up, basically, do whatever it takes and provide support to keep that combine running.  I think it applies just as well to quilting, but you need to keep your Time In The Seam up....so I was doing what I could to keep the sewing machine busy. 

Her husband came in just when we got to the point where I was done all the cutting and waiting for her to sew the blocks so I could do a final press, and he enquired as to why I was there, what was I doing (other than talking), but it was all in fun.

 I had some fun quilting this one, and wound up with a nice secondary design, as seen in the square below.

This is an actual block here:

I randomly inserted a loop into some feathers, as learned in the class I took from Judi Madsen.

And the back is a very yummy black minkee, which shows the quilting so nicely, but doesn't photograph well in terms of color..

 From the back, you really have to look to see the actual block shapes, it looks like smaller blocks set on point. 

 Some fluff on this photo, until it's bound, its hard to keep all the batting fluff off of the quilt.  You can also see some of the sheen from the magnifico and glide threads.

I guess I never got a finished photo.  The quilt has gone to its new home now, it's owner was very pleased with it.

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