Monday, 27 July 2015

A Wedding Quilt--Snail Trails

Kerri made this quilt for her nephew (and new niece)'s wedding.

Because I was doing some custom designing on this quilt, I have a few 'before' photos to aid in the design process.

I wanted to emphasize the rounds (or trails ) of the snails around the center, and Kerri had asked me to make sure that the blocks that extend into the border stand out, because the fabric values wound up being similar and they weren't distinct.
and some different textures to each 'round' of snail trails

 and I got to put my new thread scraper to pulls out all the little thread bits left behind when ripping stitches.

the center medallion got some special treatment as well, to highlight the medallion aspect
 the very center block got the initials of the newly married couple in the center...this photo isn't good, but there's a shot of the back that you can see better coming up

What a marvelous wedding gift!

Congratulations A&M


  1. Love how you have quilted this. It looks great.

  2. Wonderful pattern and quilting Michelle, is that a comercial pattern?

  3. Amazing - Michelle your quilting made a beautiful quilt look outstanding.