Thursday, 30 July 2015

what do you get...

when you take some lovely batiks

and some really fun threads
and some creativity....

Colleen and I took on a commission to make 3 stoles for new ministers in the United Church, as gifts.   The request was for red, which is the color of ordination, and for Pentecost.  So, I used some Pentecost symbols in the quilting. 

Our goal, with the piecing and with the quilting, was to make these stoles the same, but different. 

They all got the same  cross....but different.  The structure of the cross was stitched twice with Glitter
The fun thing about making 3 of something is that I got to try it stitching the cross 3 different ways

I also added some doves and a Trinity symbol, swirls for the spirit, flames, and flora. 

I deliberately put the main motifs at different heights on the stoles, so if they got slightly askew in the wearing, it wouldn't be immediately obvious.

There's an abundance of photos following...

 I really like the effect of this overstitched Trinity symbol.  I'll definitely overstitch like this again. 
 Stole 1

 Stole 2
 Stole 3

 and we found a nice orange/red backing, to make it two sided, and useable for parts of the church year for which orange is the color

again, I know I took more photos of these stoles, but I cannot find them, so I decided I'd quit waiting for them to appear and post what I had.

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