Friday, 31 July 2015

Prairie Crossroads and Heritage Park

Prairie Crossroads was my contribution to the Calgary Longarm Quilters group submission at Heritage Park this past May. 

The pattern we used was Crossroads, by Allison Spence.  This is the third time I've made this pattern, the first two can be seen Purple Crossroads and Grandma's Crossroads.

The block looks like this
and if you looked at my other two quilts, you might notice that the placement of the values can change the look of the quilt.  This will also be evident when I show the pictures of the other quilts at Heritage Park.

First, the unquilted 'flimsy'

 I quilted it using Kim Stotsenberg's Heavy Metal Quilting method again.  I just love the Heavy Metal Quilting.  It's so named because it can look like wrought iron.

 Naming quilts can be tricky....last years Heritage Park quilt I called Picnic in the Rockies, and this years quilt the pattern was Crossroads, and I wanted something that kind of went with last years quilt too, so this became Prairie Crossroads, a bit of an Alberta Theme going on.

I wanted to emphasize the chain of dark squares

 and, of course, it looks fabulous from the can see shapes on the back that are hidden in the print on the front

and here are some pictures from Heritage Park and the other Crossroads quilts. 
 The quilts were hung in slightly different places on the two days of the show.

I've added these photos large, so I hope you can click on them to see more details if you want.
Allison Spence Crossroads

Chris Tessier's Crossroads

Nancy Basserman's Crossroads

Nancy Basserman Crossroads

Bernice Lycklama's Crossroads

Charmaine Walker's Crossroads

Lorraine Appleby's Crossroads

Colleen Hunter's Crossroads


  1. Loved getting to compare all those great quilts!

  2. Love how you quilted yours and then seeing all the other quilts hanging at Heritage Park. You know I'm jealous you have a longarm group!

  3. I love your quilting on this one Michelle! So interesting to see the same pattern made and quilted so many different ways.

  4. I've taken that class with Kim and the designs work perfectly on your quilt.