Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Gravity Pillows

While Vicki was making her Gravity quilt, she was also carefully using the scraps to make pillows.  I think it may have been a suggestion with the pattern.  This is Vicki's photo of the pillows. 

 She sent me one big backing, which is a fabulous idea when you're doing small pieces like this, because it saves me loading time, which saves you money.

 I love how she managed the tints/shades of the fabrics so the lightest colors are on the lightest backgrounds.  Also, each pillow (and I knew exactly how I was going to quilt the centers from the moment she mentioned them to me) has a block of red triangles that can be read as a hexagon.  So, I turned those into a tumbling block.
 And, of course, the back is almost as rewarding as the front, but no-one will ever see the backs now that they are pillows.
Thanks Vicki, these were fun!

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