Thursday, 1 December 2016

New Zealand quilts

Nancy made 2 quilts from fabric she brought back from a vacation to New Zealand--one for her and one for her husband.  They'll be cosy watching hockey on TV this winter!

The first one I quilted with hook curls, which I think look like Maori Greenstone fishhooks, so I figured that was pretty appropriate for a NZ quilt.
This is the only photo I took of that quilt, so you'll just have to imagine an entire quilt quilted as above.

For the second quilt, I asked Nancy if she wanted the same quilting design or something different, and if different could I go with a more modern design.  She said yes to both.

 This design is from Christina Cameli's book---I've used several designs from that book --but not yet the cover design, which is what had convinced me to buy the book.  Still waiting for the right quilt, I guess.
 and here are some closeups of some of the fabrics

 Nancy said she was just buying bits of fabric she liked, with no real plan. 

 and the backing
What wonderful mementos from a special trip. 

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