Friday, 16 December 2016

Pink Hourglass Quilt

This is Kathleen's Pink Hourglass Quilt.  This is what she had to say about it:
I made this quilt a really long time ago and it’s been hanging in my closet waiting to be quilted.  My inspiration - in fact I copied straight off her blog - was this quilt by Jacquie Gering. I had the fabric and was trying to think what I would like to make with it.  Then I saw Jacquie’s quilt made with the same fabric and quickly sent off an email asking permission to copy it.  Because it was for me and not for sale, Jacquie had no problem with my making it for personal use.  The other thing that I liked about it is the straight line quilting. It was one of the first quilts I saw that had straight line quilting. I think the fabric was by a designer named Jackie Shapiro.  (modern Grace line?)

 Kathleen wanted the same type of organic straight line quilting that had been on the original quilt she'd seen.  The link to Jackie Gering's quilt is here :
 I thought this was great--I've been wanting to try this style of quilting for a while now, but hadn't found the right quilt. 
 For some interest, I used 3 colors of thread--pink, green and white.  I mixed the thread color up throughout the quilt.
 I love the texture that this quilt has.  I'm so glad Kathleen let me play with it. 
Kathleen enjoys pieced backs, so they're always interesting too.  

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