Monday, 12 December 2016

Quarter Sections

 Alice and I made these 3 baby quilts, using Highway 10 Designs Quarter Sections pattern.   6 FQ (with no waste) makes a nice size baby quilt.
 We had a lot of grey days last month--these colors are not showing true--that's a bright orange not brown.    This one got a lovely flannel backing.

 For this quilt I took the leaf shape in the fabrics as my quilting inspiration.  I concentrated most of the pink fabrics into this one quilt.
 and the backing has mermaids!

This quilt got bubbles and loops.  
And also has the mermaids on the back.    A nice blue binding finished them off nicely, and they are ready to go to the charity my guild supports.


  1. Those are great Michelle! So happy!

  2. Love all three! Glad you're enjoying this pattern!