Sunday, 30 April 2017

Annette's got a new Grandbaby--

Well--in February she had a new Grandbaby, I'm just behind on my posting.  And, it's only relevant here because Annette made her new grandchild a quilt, and, looking at all she had to accomplish that month, decided to send the quilt to me for quilting.

 If I recall correctly, I got it quilted just in time, and she may have even still been stitching binding on the plane on her way to greet the baby.  AND baby's parents, of course--but maybe not---when my Dad became a Grandpa, we (the new parents) pretty much just became chauffeurs.  He'd phone, and say things like "G (my sister's oldest) is coming for supper, can E (my oldest) come too?"  the oldest of the kids was less than 2 at the time--so they definitely needed chauffeurs and attendants, but really, I think our presence was incidental.   

1/4 log cabin blocks...very nice for a baby.
 I love that blue grunge fabric in there.   
And she put a oh so soft butter colored fireside fleece on the back.

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