Monday, 10 April 2017

Covenants - When Bali Met Sochi

This is the second of this quilt I've quilted.  You can see Vicki's version Here

This one is different because we (Colleen, Vicki and I made these) split the quilt in two, to make wall-hangings for Symons Valley United Church.

It  meant replacing the middle pieces with end pieces, and we made sure they matched, so if the two panels were placed together, it would match.  Vicki also took care with the pieced binding, to have it match one the 'joining' sides. 

 I had a lot of fun with the quilting.  As you can tell from the first photo, I quilted these side by side on the machine, so I could make sure that the quilting flowed from one to the other, just as we oh so carefully (I think it took a full day to get the fabric layout the way we wanted it) made sure the colours flowed.    Here's a photo on the frame, so you can see how that worked on the frame..

 I just love all the fabrics in this quilt.  Along Came Quilting did a great job pulling fabrics for the kit.  I kept going into the classroom and having a look at the progress while Kim M was putting together their store sample, and then once it was complete--we had to have it for the church.  It was Colleen's vision to split it in two.  
 The quilting pattern is from Christina Cameli's book.  Double batting so the texture will show from a distance--wool and 80/20.
Here they are hanging on the foreground walls, adding a nice pop of color to the sanctuary.  photo by Karen

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  1. Love the quilting design you did on these! They look beautiful in the church!!