Monday, 17 April 2017

For the Girl

I think For the Girl is what Vicki called this quilt.

This is Vicki's version of the Under Covers Mystery Quilt that several in our guild did last year, and she gave it to a special young lady.  

I came very close to buying that floral fabric she used as well--so I really enjoyed spending some up close time with the fabric while quilting.

 with the floral fabric, and the quilt going to C, Vicki chose a floral E2E quilting design.
 If I recall correctly, Vicki bought these fabrics at Rumpled Quilt Skins, Okotoks and Chinook Fabrics, High River. 

and there is a gorgeous minkee on the back--so hard to photograph nicely,

I like how the value changes make the quilt look a little different--Vicki and I both used dark backgrounds, but our light/mediums were switched.   You can see mine here, if you want.

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