Saturday, 8 April 2017

Walking Humbly

This quilt is called Walking Humbly, and it is a raffle prize for a fundraiser for a youth trip to Zambia this summer.  License # 458869.  1350 tickets printed.  Now that the small print is out of the way, the other prize for this raffle is a West Jet Gift of Flight for Two, so two excellent prizes are up for grabs.  If you are in Alberta (even just visiting), and over the age of 18, I'd be happy to set you up with tickets.

It started as a mystery quilt that several in my guild were doing, and so you'll see a few more of these, and we've entered a group entry at the Heritage Park Quilt Display in May, so you may get a chance to see them all together there.

Several of us got to go on a road trip/quilt fabric shopping trip together, it was so much fun, and it was almost exactly a year ago.  It was a hard won battle to put these fabrics together (a 3 fabric quilt shouldn't be this hard, but it was) at Village Quilts in Lethbridge.    Often, mystery quilts can be harder to buy for than when you know the pattern.

 I love the movement the feathers circling the stars provide.
 I had fun with the quilting, and was so pleased with this border design.  I had originally tried feathers in the border, but they fought too much with the print.  This textural design is much better.
and a lovely cream coloured Shannon Cuddle on the back, from Sugar Pine in Canmore.   It's so soft, and shows the quilting so nicely.
I traveled a bit across the province to get the fabrics for this quilt--so it's fun that the quilt is being raffled to support the travel of the youth from the church.  
 The Walking Humbly name comes from Micah 6:8, which is the verse the youth have chosen for their trip, which is an exposure and education trip.  More information about their trip can be found here Zambia Youth Exposure Tour 2017

and to show the difference quilting can make -- a photo of the flimsy

The quilt is twin sized - 55"x77".  Thread is Glide Aquamarine??(it's been a while) and hobbs 80/20 batting.

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