Friday, 5 September 2014


This is Sarah's quilt, and it is the result of her wanting to use the rest of the FQ (fat quarter) fabric package that she had used to make the rainbow stoles--which as a side note she decided to finish with a narrow navy binding and they look fabulous!

We decided on 'cloud' quilting because it was a rainbow quilt, and the background fabric is a soft blue.  The popcorn pantograph was a great fit, because it looks like clouds to me. 

But...there was a problem...
The center of the quilt was too big.  I phoned Sarah, and we discussed that I could work with that, but would have to work from the front of the machine and would have to quilt more densely than we had I was talking to her on the phone I counted the pieces in the pieced border at the top, and realized it wasn't the same as at the bottom, which I had counted to find the center while loading the quilt.  So, she took the quilt back, had to adjust 3 borders (turns out the top was one piece too many and the bottom was one piece too few)....and then it was wonderfully square and flat to quilt.  We are blaming it all on pregnant brain (hers, not mine).  This quilt is for her new baby.

 The back is a lovely soft blue minkee.  
 And the thread colour is 'cloud'.  Perfect.  Even the thread was getting in on the theme.

The quilt pattern is Atkinson Designs Cheese & Crackers.  

A wonderful welcome for a new baby in the house, and a great 'pregnant brain' story to tell baby when he's older.


  1. Darling quilt and the quilting is just perfect. Great job Michelle!

  2. I really like this quilt and thank goodness you figured out the problem so that it could get fixed before it was quilted.

  3. Glad you solved the mystery on that one - keen eye! Perfect panto choice too.

  4. So fun for a new baby - love it!