Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Very Exciting Mail

The Canadian quilting magazine Quilters Connection had asked the Calgary Longarm Quilters who had participated in the Heritage Park group entry this May if we'd send photos and allow our quilts be in the magazine...but we didn't know which quilts they would feature.  There were, I think, 16 quilts hung at the show, but only 8 were featured in the quilt, called Picnic in the Rockies was one of them.

My kids thought it was cool when I 'knew' (via internet forums and meeting in person at shows) quilters who had quilts in magazines....wonder if I'm even cooler now :)

I was going to take some photos of quilts today....but even though the snow has stopped, the lighting was poorer than I I looked up at my skylight

and my back deck...

There's lots of trees and branches that have come down all over the city, because the leaves haven't started to fall yet. 


  1. How cool - you're published! Sorry about the snow, but keep it there please for another 2 months ;-)

  2. You are super cool! So fun to be published. We don't even have snow on the mountain tops around us yet. Do you live in the Arctic Circle? Scary to see so much white stuff before Sept. 15th!

  3. WooHoo my friend, that is so 'Cool!'

    That's the magazine not the snow.....

  4. Congrats on being in the magazine! That's fabulous! But that snow?! Wowzers. I had the AC cranking here in Virginia USA

  5. Congrats on getting your quilt in the CQA magazine! I have that quilt on my 'to make' list one day!
    Wow you got snow before me....ha ha! ;)