Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A Wedding Gift

Louise is a relatively new quilter, and she agreed to make this quilt for friends for their wedding.

But it's not lap sized--it's KING sized.

which is a very big project to take on as a new quilter.   I think it looks just lovely on my bed, and the colours go in my room so well...

Here's a 'before quilting' photo taken as I was loading the quilt
 Louise had some help with the piecing, if I recall correctly from the Bride's Mother and Sister or another friend, so, as often happens when more than one sewer is involved, there was a little fullness, but it quilted out just fine.
 I love the batiks the ladies chose.
 and an extra wide backing was a good choice--no seam in the backing and very simple to deal with.  Often an extra wide backing is more economical as well---although there may be a bit of a 'sticker shock' at the price per meter, for a king size quilt you only need 1/3 the meters, so a much better deal.
 Louise did some of the piecing on this top at our guild retreat in October, but I hadn't realized the teal blocks were being formed until she brought it for quilting.  I love the pops of colour in the black/grey quilt.
We chose an edge to edge quilting design that would add a nice texture to this quilt.

What a lucky lucky friend Louise has!

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