Friday, 19 December 2014

Baby Quilts--Owls and Whales

Patty made these baby quilts for her great-niece and great-nephew.  If I recall correctly, the quilt recipients are cousins to each other, not siblings.

These quilts are both good examples of taking cues from the fabrics and the recipients for quilting choices.  For the first quilt, which is for a girl, I quilted daisies, hearts and stars.    The daisies came from the backing fabric....

For the second quilt, the new owner to be a boy,  the border and backing made me think of pebbles in a stream, and I thought that the whales needed some water to swim in, so I quilted it with  a water meander pattern.

I think a side by side shot, even though it's not a good photo, is worth including, because these two quilts have almost all the same fabrics in the body of the quilt, but changing the placement of the fabrics and quantities present in each quilt and adding different borders make them look quite different. 

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