Monday, 29 December 2014

Jessie's Memory Quilt

Now that we are post Christmas, I can show a few more quilts.

First up is this memory quilt Jessie and her aunts and cousin made for Jessie's sister. 

This quilt needed to be freehand quilted because, being a memory quilt, the piecers had used some shirts, and there were buttons I needed to be able to stitch around.  This was all good, since I prefer to freehand quilt anyway.  I don't think I got a photo, but some of the buttons became the flower centers.

A pre-quilting photo

 Jessie had asked for whimsical hearts and I suggested the flowers as well, because of the floral fabric you can see above.  The backing really shows the quilting nicely.
 A very special label was stitched into the backing.  I did have to take the buttons and d-ring off of this shirt, as being on the bottom, I couldn't see them and risked damaging the quilt and my machine if I hit one.  I used white glue to hold the placket closed--this will wash out with the first time the quilt is being washed, and that placket will flap again, as they intended.

What a great Christmas gift! 

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