Monday, 21 November 2016

Diamonds and Applique

Heather made this wonderful quilt.  The focal point, is of course, the applique in the center.  Heather wanted McTavishing around the applique and only what stitching was required within the applique to keep it from pouching.  So, the centers of the flowers got stitched, and just a few lines in the vase, echoing the print of the fabric.

 For the rest of the blocks, Heather wanted something rounded and flowing, so this lovely filigree E2E design was perfect.  I think this design is elegant, and it suited Heathers quilt perfectly.

 And for the borders, Heather drew what she wanted--which was longarm feathers.  I've not felt confident stitching these before, but I think all that drawing and practice when I was learning Nemeshing Feathers paid off, because these flowed wonderfully. 
 Isn't that border fabric great?

 This quilt is a great example of being able to put some custom treatment on a quilt (the medallion) but the rest is E2E in the blocks, and separate border treatment (the feathers), with minimal stitch in the ditch.  It certainly doesn't have to be all or nothing when it comes to quilting--you are the designer of your own quilt, and you can choose. 
Heather brought a Cotton/Wool batting, and I enjoyed using it.  It gives nice definition to the quilting, that's for sure.
I'm so lucky that my job allows me play with all these amazing quilts.

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