Saturday, 5 November 2016

Yet to be Gifted #2 sshh

I suspect waiting for both quilts to be finished was why the first one was delayed in the gifting.    This talented quilter made another, just like the first but in different fabrics.    And then had to wait for the longarmer to have space in her schedule :P

the quilt has more blue in it than these photos show, which is interesting, because usually quilts read more blue than they really are in my room/camera combination.

I still love how this 2 block quilt looks so different in different areas based on the fabric values-- I see so many different shapes
She's done such a great job of fabric selection, mixing regular cottons and batiks.

The client wanted the same quilting on this one as on the first.  

I'm sure they will be much loved once they are gifted.

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