Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Patty's Wedding Quilt

Patty made this quilt for her daughter and son in law for their wedding. She started it well before the wedding, but due to a lot of life happening, it wasn't finished until well after.  I think they will appreciate it very much, no matter the time frame.

This pattern is a jelly roll pattern, but Patty chose yardage and enlarged the quilt. 
 Such great fabrics in this quilt, and Patty chose to group the blocks by color, which creates a lot of interest, and movement.   Maybe my quilt holders in the first photo should have had it turned 90 degrees.  Just try turning your head LOL

We knew that the quilting would have a hard time competing with the prints, so chose an E2E design of open swirls in the center of the quilt, SID the white border, and piano keys in the floral border.  It shows better on the back, which is a very subtle white on white design. That white on white design was so subtle I didn't notice it until I turned on the black light so I could see what I was stitching on the front!  Luckily, I had it the right side out,  because I'd already quilted a border! 

 I used my pro-line 1 ruler for the piano keys, that ruler is so convenient for perfectly spaced lines.  Thanks to Lisa Calle for those. 
It's not easy making a square, flat quilt with all of those bias lines and angles, but Patty did.  It's great to have such a well made top to quilt. 

And here's a photo from when Patty was putting on the binding.  This time it's the right way up--no need to turn your head.

Thanks for letting me play with your quilt Patty.

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