Monday, 14 November 2016

Forest Friends

This is a cute little quilt I made on behalf of my SIL for her new grandson.

We had fun going to the fabric store together.  This was a kit we picked up at Sugar Pine in Canmore.    It was cute--lots of nice flannels with forest animal/camping theme.  And one fabric with Giraffes!?!  The Giraffe's got set aside for another project, because they were 'one of those things that doesn't belong'.

I've been camping with the Mom of the baby a few times now, and the Dad once, so the camping themed fabric was quite appropriate too. 
 Canoes, campfires, sleeping bags, mountains to climb. 

And some forest critters too.

My oldest loved her blankie (and I can call it a blankie because it was crochet, not a quilt) from her Grandma Pat, and so I'd asked Grandma for a 1 foot square ---big enough to hold to her face and cuddle, but small enough for fitting in my pocket or purse, and small enough not to drag on the ground from the stroller getting all dirty and nasty.  So, the big one was always at home in bed, clean,  when needed. 

So, I had some bits left from the flannel strips and made a little quilt too--either as a carry around or as a stuffy/doll quilt.  
 The sent me a very cute photo of the baby on top of the big quilt and under the little one--but I didn't ask permission to share the baby photo, so you'll just have to imagine a cute little baby fitting under this little 15" quilt. 

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