Thursday, 3 November 2016

Floral Disappearing 4 Patch - a group effort

About a month (or two!?!)  ago I was e-mail chatting with my Aunt, probably the conversation started when I sent her a comment about one of the fabulous photos on her photo blog There You Are    (I highly recommend clicking the link and checking out her photos--they're all travel photos, some current, some ancient--always interesting).   She said she'd been checking my blog regularly, but no new posts--wasn't I quilting?  Oh, I've been quilting--just not blogging I told her, and so now I'm catching up.  Prepare for lots of posts Aunt E!  In the meantime, she got set up on instagram (where I am mmm_quilts) so she can see my quilting photos more regularly LOL, and know that I'm working even if I'm not blogging.

Back to the quilt at hand.  This adorable quilt was made collectively by 4 of us.  I think the prints probably started out as a charm pack--which Lori, Kerri and Colleen pieced as a disappearing 4 patch.  Then Kerri, Colleen and I were on a fabric hunt for the borders and binding one day when we were road tripping and shop hopping--and then I quilted it, machine sewed the binding on and even did some of the hand stitching!!. 

 I quilted it with a variety of flowers, inspired by the border fabric, as well as the memory of a special friend.

These photos make it look like it wasn't flat--it was,  I must not have had the quilt under it flat and smooth.  

 And a lovely cuddle on the back. 
Mary Ann finished off the hand-stitching on the binding (so now that makes 5 of us involved in this quilt), and, of course, the friend who was in our minds and our hearts as we worked on it - so now we are at 6 - and the quilt has now been given to a children's organization, where I hope it makes someone happy. 


  1. Love, LOVE the floral border fabric! It all looks fabulous!

  2. Love how you have quilted this with a variety of flowers. A lovely finish.

  3. Love how you have quilted this with a variety of flowers. A lovely finish.