Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Hunter Star

Ethel made this Hunter Star quilt for her daughter.

My job description was to make the stars stand out, and put something nice in the borders. 
I tried a few different designs in the background fabric--and it was just too busy--it either fought with what I tried, or swallowed it whole such that I couldn't even see it.  I decided that straight lines were the only quilting for that background.  We didn't want to get into full custom territory though, so they are freehand u-turns.

The Studio 180 Rapid Fire Hunter Star ruler helps make these blocks very accurate.

 Tamping down that background helped make the stars stand out more, and I added a nice puff feather/continuous curve design in the stars.

 The puff feather was to go with the Nemeshing feathers I quilted on the border--where the quilting was visible!  I used a purple thread to help the quilting show.

 I am totally in love with the texture of these Nemeshing feathers.  I'm trying to figure out how to put them on the quilt I'm working on now. 
 I love my Innova--I'm able to stitch in the ditch horizontally and vertically enough to SID borders without using a ruler. 

 The colors of the quilt are quite true in the photo below--you can see the purple thread in the borders and the color of the minkee backing on the seam allowance--a lovely silvery purple.
Thanks Ethel, for letting me play with your Hunter Star.  I've been wanting to quilt another one for a while now. 

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  1. Your quilting certainly makes the stars pop.good choice of background quilting to achieve that. What a lovely coloured minkee. Love Bethannes nemeshing.