Wednesday, 19 July 2017


This is Katherine Murray's Camelot, pattern by Trish Harper.

The great thing about this quilt is it is 100% HAND PIECED.   And then, Katherine asked me to longarm it!  One block had me stumped, so I googled to see others had done with that block--any photos of Camelot I found on the interweb were hand quilted as well.

 Each of these unique 14" blocks are fussy cut and hand pieced.  And I've got a lot of photos, so refresh your coffee and enjoy.
 Katherine asked for feathers in the background, and then I added straight lines, u turns, more feathers, swirls/curls, some continuous curves.    I kept the quilting elements simple, to let the piecing shine.    Each block also had some unquilted elements, that could pop up and be positive space.  The other benefit of keeping to only a few quilting elements is it helps unify a sampler quilt.

 Katherine entered this quilt in the Calgary Stampede Creative Arts and Crafts Showcase, and it won a first place ribbon in the Hand Piecing division!!!  Congratulations Katherine.  The judging was only on the piecing, but I do take it to mean the quilting didn't detract from the piecing.  I didn't see any of the other entries, but Katherine's Camelot is meticulously fussy cut and pieced, so it is a well deserved ribbon.
 I love the fabrics Katherine chose--blues are my favorites.  There is a constant fabric in each block--have you noticed it?

I quilted piano keys in the border, to make it look like a border....I had considered feathers there too, but felt it wouldn't define the quilt as much.

The texture shows nicely on the back too, with the wool batting. 
The next two photos are of the whole quilt, with two different settings on the camera, the second shows the quilting better, the first is a truer color.


  1. What an absolutely stunning quilt. Love your choice of quilting and your execution of those designs is amazing.

  2. This is such a wonderful quilt ....colors, piecing and quilting all combined perfectly! Nice work Michelle!