Sunday, 16 July 2017

Evelyn's Applique

Evelyn probably told me the pattern name and maker, but I'm not at home with my notes, so I don't have that information just now.

Evelyn wanted custom quilting on this beautiful applique quilt that she had spent many many many hours making.  But, like many of us, she wanted to be conscious of a budget.  So, the applique was outlined, rather than stitched in the ditch--and by that I mean 1/8" inch away from the edge of the applique, rather than right in on the edge.  This is a much faster treatment to stitch, so more budget friendly, and yet still looks good.  Especially with this more folksy type of applique.  The appliques were then echoed in the border.  The large flowers were too large to leave, so I also stitched around flower centers.
The next decision was how to treat the blocks, and Eveyln wanted me to cross-hatch right through the block, right over the applique.  I know many would be surprised at this request, and at how well it works.  Evelyn and her friends are part of the Alberta Quilt Study Society and they see a lot of antique quilts, and this is often how they were quilt.    I had never treated applique like this before, (I know of many who do this with embroidery) and I was thrilled with how it turned out.

The cornerstones were also crosshatched, but at a smaller scale, and the sashings were outline stitched as I ditched stitched them.  This would up being a continuous stitching path, which also helps keep the budget reasonable.

 The bottom border was larger and had these vases and the year appliqued on.  We decided to add some feather sprays coming out of the vases, and I cross hatched behind the numbers--again at a different scale to provide some variation.  The echos in the border are quite loose, as the quilting in the rest of the quilt is well spaced, I didn't want to add tight quilting in the borders.

Thanks for letting me quilt for you Evelyn, this was a fun quilt to work on.

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