Sunday, 9 July 2017

Hunter Star Quilts at Heritage Park

Here are the quilts from the Calgary Longarm Quilters group entry to Heritage Park that I mentioned in the last post.

I hope I read everyones names correctly, as I tried to zoom way in on my photos--I don't have my program near me.  There was one I couldn't figure out.

The Hunter's Star Hidden Treasures Book by Deb Tucker    was the inspiration for many of the layouts.

I love these group entries, seeing how the same blocks, in different fabric values and layouts can look so different.  And then, of course, the different styles of quilting thrills me as well.

I took these photos very very quickly, so I'm sure the details could be better.  And it was windy, so they had the bottoms clamped down as well, which is a little odd for taking photos.  I hope you enjoy the group display.

 Sharon added bling and couching to her quilt.

 Jane picked a traditional Hunter Star layout and E2E (edge to edge) quilting.  The texture added is lovely.

 Mary added so much texture and color with thread--the color on the black is all thread.  She blogged about this quilt here if you're interested in more.

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