Avignon Picnic and Batiki Argyle

Occasionally, a quilt gets sent home before I have a chance to grab a few photos.

Here's two of them that I only had a few iPhone photos.

Marilyn made this really cute Avignon Picnic quilt.  It was a Moda Bakeshop pattern by Andrea Harris.  I tried to link to the Moda Bakeshop page, but google couldn't find it for me.  Here's the pattern from when the Calgary Longarm Quilters made this pattern for a Heritage Park Group Entry.

 I felt like I was being watched as I quilted :)  Aren't those owls cute?
And this is Ethel's latest Batiki Argyle, pattern by Debbie Bailey.  Ethel has made this quilt before, and decided to remake it, in purples and pinks.